Sunday, March 10, 2013

I'd like to hear your paranormal stories

I am just beginning to attempt to collect stories and information dealing with anything regarding the paranormal and supernatural. Perhaps an encounter with black eyed children, a horrific demonic haunting or something you just might find strange.  I am hopeful that with with enough feedback i will eventually be able to include your response a book i am writing.  if you wish to leave your name i will include it and credit you if i use your story.  if you choose to remain anonymous that's fine as well.  for some of you the thought of sharing your encounters with a large audience is horrific in itself, so i would invite you to email me directly to

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  1. It was junior year in high school. He had moved from his moms house to his dads. His favorite class in school was auto mechanics. One day after finishing working on a car. He went in to the classroom to relax. He parked it with the other guys, and talked small talk. The bell rang and they got up to leave. One of the guys brushed his arm, a look of shock crossed his face. He sat back down in his chair. "He's going to die." He said to himself. "But how?" Then he jumped in his chair.
    For the next few days people seen him staring in to space then jumping up and saying. "Dam it!" Then one day, sitting in class. He's grinding his teeth and gripping the ends of his desk. Almost to the point of shaking. When one of the student's looked over to him and says "O my god. What is up with your eyes? There black." Realizing what just happened, he puts his hands over his eyes. Rubbing then he says "Nothing" Pulling himself together he puts his hands down. He looks over at the student and says "see" The student takes a long look. "Well there fine now."
    He finally reaches a point."I'm just going to tell him." He tells him self. So he waited for the right time. It was right at the end of class. He walked up to the guy. "Hay bud" he said "Do me a favor. If your driving late at night, make sure you are careful. OK." The guy looked at him like he was hi. And said. "Sure. I'll be careful." He turned to himself and says "there the best I can do." He does the best he can to get it out of his mind. After a wile he does.
    The years go by. One day he goes to visit his dad. His sister walked up to him. And reminds him about a kid he was a friend with I high school. "Ya, I remember him." "Well, I just found out. He was driving home from work. He had been working late a lot. Well he fell asleep at the wheel." She rubes his shoulder and tells him she's sorry.
    Later when he's driving home he tells himself that he did everything he could do.
    Just a short glimpse into the life of Black eyes in hiding